★ Edition 2023

Le programme pour passer de 0 à 10 000 abonnés sur YouTube en 1 an - et vivre de votre chaîne 

★ Communicate, create and collaborate as a team!

Step 1: watch the video

Step 2: complete the form

Find below all our tips for a successful application to the academy:

Tell us about your background:

Whether you have an atypical or classic career path, describing your professional experience effectively is the key to reaching your “Grail”: The contract within the Academy! What skills are expected of you?  What are the challenges to be met? What will be the missions?

Put yourself in the jury’s shoes and ask yourself what qualities you would like to see in the person you are recruiting. To sum up, in this written test: highlight your achievements in relation to your entrepreneurial experience and avoid ready-made formulas.

Take care of your written expression:

For us, spelling is a real selection criterion. The application is the first contact with the academy, so the applicant must be conscientious. Moreover, once integrated into the team, it is imperative that the student knows how to write without making mistakes in every line.        A quality style and impeccable spelling can make the difference!

Value your experiences:

You have a taste for change, challenges or have been disappointed… It doesn‘t matter!… What matters to us is your authenticity.      Tell us about your experiences with your heart and leave your brain aside ^^

Don’t hesitate to mention your internships, educational projects, or even volunteer work. Voluntary missions show a certain motivation and a spirit of initiative.

And finally, be creative!

If your panache can be particularly appreciated by the jury, your application will be all the more memorable if you put an original touch to it… you are on Youtube for that!

For example, if you have the right skills, you can opt for a video resume. This is an effective way to apply and to keep up with YouTube. For example, you can explain to our panel of judges why you want to join this academy and what your ambitions are.

The written test takes an average of 20 minutes.

This written test consists of a professional situation: You will be able to answer different types of questions to provide operational answers to our jury in order to study your file in detail.

In theory, if your file is complete and well filled out, you will not have to take the oral exam. However, in some cases, you may be called for an oral interview. The objective is to get to know the candidate better.

It will take an average of 48 hours to receive your answer by email.

If your application is successful, you will then receive a link to our platform to register. We will present you with everything you need to quickly get your bearings and familiarize yourself with your new work environment

students were admitted this week (out of 100)​

The academy closes registration in:


★ The team and the members of the jury

★ The selection criteria of our Jury

The members of the Triomix jury examine your channel according to several criteria specified below and included in the rules.

★ Independence of mind

Evaluate one’s own ideas and actions with some distance.
Not being dependent on others to form an opinion. Compare arguments to make the best decision under the circumstances.

★ Integrity

Be trustworthy, direct and honest.
Avoid conflict of interest situations. Respect commitments and principles. Understand, embrace and adhere to the values of the Academy.

★ Strategic Vision

Describe the goals to be achieved in the short and long term.
Be future oriented and recognize the issues facing the organization and their impact. (Demonstrate openness and enthusiasm for change.

★ Communication skills

Demonstrate active listening skills.
Be able to express ideas and opinions clearly Establish respectful relationships with others. Contribute to discussions in a constructive manner

★ Productivity and collaboration tools
that adapt to all ways of working...

Watch all of our videos to learn more about the academy’s tools and program:

Rating given by our students:

★ And finally, a channel Manager to accompagny you

Your CM will be in charge of the continuous optimization and management of your channel and will accompany you in your internet communication strategy.Here are the areas of work he will be working on with you:

Find the answers to your questions​

We are organizing from January 1st “the second edition 2022”, an online selection aiming at offering a one-year contract within the Academy Team.

The duration of the program is planned for a full year. You will receive an access to connect to your online interface and follow the courses at your own pace.

We identify reliable and relevant content creators that match the academy’s ethics and values. The personality of the creator also plays an important role in the pre-selection of candidates.

For more information on this subject, go to the section: Learn more about the recruitment process

Your channel manager will be pleased to welcome you to the Team,
and the integration course on the online platform will complete your arrival within the group.

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the way our academy works, the tools available to you and your expectations regarding your career objectives within the academy

The lucky winner of this edition will be offered a one-year contract within the Team. The objective for this first year: to reach between 1000 and 10,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel and hundreds of new customers for your business.

The contract is concluded electronically after acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Unlike a Network, the Web Talent Academy does not receive any profit on your content. As a private school, we do not receive any subsidies from the state. The financing of our school comes exclusively from the tuition fees.

The contribution allows us to cover :

– The operating expenses of the school (rent, charges…)
– The operating costs of the online platform (server, research and development) Updating
– The right of exploitation multi-supports. (Copywriting, image rights)
– The remuneration of the various participants. (Channel Manager & Customer follow-up)

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Only 100 students are admitted to Anglophonie