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Le programme pour passer de 0 à 10 000 abonnés sur YouTube en 1 an - et vivre de votre chaîne 

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Our main goal is to propel our talent to increase their audience, profits, and personal and professional growth. Our services cover the entire spectrum of content marketing: from planning to creation to promotion.

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Promote the human dimension within a company to better develop it is a key component of our program.

MURIEL – Journalist of the academy

With a scientific baccalaureate and a business school diploma, Muriel worked for more than 30 years in management and human resources management for large companies, before becoming a master practitioner in therapeutic hypnosis.

She is also a journalist for the academy! “Throughout my career, it is the human being who has always been at the center of my preoccupations, like a common thread that has brought me to my rightful place today” explains Muriel.

VINCENT – Co-founder of the academy

Rich of his background and skills, Vincent is a master in the art of Digital Marketing. Charismatic, touching and valiant, Vincent makes us want to follow him through the creation of his academy.

“Our mission is to help as many people as possible by giving them the success, prosperity and reputation they truly desire, deep down. These are the values of our Academy.”

JOSIANE – Speaker

Smiling, energetic and ultra-dynamic, Josiane has a zest for life. She has been driven by an unceasing quest for the Sacred since childhood, and has taught music and painting for nearly 30 years.

“My objective? To accompany you in building a true human and pragmatic partnership. The old in you will disappear to make room for new spaces of intuitions, of freedom… Your success depends on your openness! With all my heart with you, “

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A word from the founder…

As you must have felt through this video, the academy has been designed around sharing and human values.

We are not interested in short-lived fame. We prefer to invest in forward-looking strategies and concepts to develop your business and your YouTube channel and allow us to grow together. My team and I will provide you with the knowledge you need to develop your personal talent to the next level. Vincent – Founder of the Academy.

"Don't try to become a successful man.
Try to become a man of value."

These are the key words of our academy and its founder…

Let’s be open : Embrace diversity and express your thoughts openly while respecting the opinions of others.

Let’s be bold : Don’t set any limits, realize your wildest dreams in order to follow your destiny.

Let’s be human : Your channel is a reflection of your values. Express them to touch people’s hearts.

Succeeding together : Alone we go faster together we go further! The objective of the academy is to co-create around a common goal: success!

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